Who We Are

Meet the team that call Croydon home

Croydon UKIP is headed by a committee whose responsibility it is to organise campaigning and the contesting of elections in Croydon.

Dan Heaton, Chairman of Croydon UKIP

Dan Heaton

Branch Chairman
A Euro-sceptic activist for the last 20 years, Dan joined UKIP in 2011 and quickly became involved in the Croydon branch. Dan served first as Secretary before being elected as Chairman in 2016.As an insurance professional based in the City but working worldwide, Dan knows how a clean Brexit can benefit the economy both locally and nationally.
Peter Staveley, Croydon UKIP Spokesperson

Peter Staveley

Branch Treasurer
Peter has been a member of UKIP Croydon since 2009, been an Officer since 2010 and is now a Regional Organiser for UKIP London. Peter has stood for Public Office in local elections since 2010. He has extensive experience in transport planning having started in railway operations in the 1980s and run his own Transport Consultancy since 1995.
Robert King, Croydon UKIP

Robert King

Branch Secretary
Robert has been a political campaigner for many years and has always been opposed to UK membership of the EU. He joined UKIP in 2014 and campaigned for Leave in the 2016 referendum.
Mike Swadling, Croydon UKIP

Michael Swadling

Branch Committee Member
Michael works in the IT Industry and has lived in Croydon all his life. He has been a governor in local schools for over 10 years. During the referendum he was the Croydon Borough Lead across the major Leave campaign groups, namely Grassroots Out, Leave.EU and Vote Leave. Campaigning for the delivery of a full Brexit and UKIP seats on Croydon Council in 2018.
John Bailey, Croydon UKIP Spokesperson

John Bailey

Branch Committee Member
Following his joining the party in 1998 John has devoted much of his non-working life to serving the UKIP cause over the last 20 years. A mathematician by education he worked for the UK Office for National Statistics and was involved in the calculations of inflation and GDP levels prior to his retirement in 2010.
Kathleen Garner, Croydon UKIP Spokesperson

Kathleen Garner

Branch Committee Member
As an opponent of our membership of the European movement since before we joined the E.E.C., Kathleen has been actively working towards our departure for more than 40 years, and was Croydon UKIP's secretary for 17 of those years. She stood twice as UKIP candidate for the parliamentary elections in Croydon South.Kathleen shall continue to fight for the clean break from the power of the E.U. we have hoped for and to see Britain rejoin the majority of the world as a free nation.

Jack Roffey

Branch Committee Member
Jack is a young and keen Brexiteer who joined the party at the beginning of 2017. Participating in his first General Election as a political activist and as a newly eligible voter, Jack articulated the importance of UKIP's place in British politics as the only party that have a true alternative vision for Britain.

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