Guess who was responsible for Croydon’s Leave campaign...

Now that the EU referendum is over we can return to fight exclusively for our home town. While we get our next steps in order, here we have documented our most recent Croydon campaign.


Campaign Activity in Croydon

Throughout the borough between November 2015 and June 2016, Croydon UKIP members were responsible for executing the ground campaign for a 'Leave' vote during the EU referendum.

The activity on the ground included:

  • Street Stalls
  • Public Meetings
  • Door-to-door Leafleting
  • Door-to-door Canvassing

It was an extraordinary experience to realise that so many in Croydon already supported our departure from the European Union, as well as how many were entirely open minded about the issue.

It's impossible to count the number of people that we reached during the campaign - including when we set up street stalls, engaged passers-by in conversation, handed out leaflets, spoke to residents on their doorstep, etc - but it was fascinating to witness the high interest that so many had in the referendum.

Croydon UKIP's Campaign Manager Michael Swadling was the Lead Organiser for all three of the major campaign groups, namely Leave.EU, Grassroots Out, and Vote Leave (the latter eventually receiving the designation as the official campaign group).

We set up countless street stalls like this one in Croydon Northend outside the Whitgift Centre.

We set up countless street stalls like this one in Croydon Northend outside the Whitgift Centre.

We distributed leaflets and spoke to hundreds of people in Croydon. Above picture taken in New Addington.

We held a dozen public meetings throughout the Croydon borough like this one in Kenley.

The Result in Croydon

While Croydon voted 'Remain' like London did, the London 'Leave' vote overall was 40.1% whereas in Croydon the result for 'Leave' was 45.7%.

Specifically in the general election constituency of Croydon Central where we campaigned the most, as featured heavily in the pictures and videos below, we helped secure a majority for 'Leave' of 50.3%.

Thank You

We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many volunteers who took part in the 'Leave' campaign. So many of you reached out to us to get involved. Thank you to those who took leaflets and delivered them, thank you to those who attended and helped at our street stalls, and thank you to those who heard our arguments and passed them on to friends and family.

Without you we shouldn't have achieved the result that we did. And we did it! We achieved a very respectable result indeed for a London Borough and no doubt contributed very positively to the overall result throughout the country, thanks to you.

The campaign in pictures and video

Have a look at what the Leave campaign looked like on the ground throughout the Croydon borough for eight months between November '15 and June '16.

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